It is a program that allows you to watch various online TV channels
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Tv-Plug-In is a neat program that allows you to watch online TV channels for free, from the comfort of your desktop. It also allows you to listen to the broadcast of online radio stations.
This tool is very lightweight and simple. It comes with no other options besides the possibility of adding TV channels or radio stations to a list of favorites. Its interface is minimalistic, providing only the possibility of viewing the list of stations by their category or by their country. There’s also a basic “search” function. Other than that, there are absolutely no other settings or functions, not even a basic “Help” file. The simplicity is usually a good thing, but this time it was taken too far. In my opinion, the only advantage of this application that is worth being taken into consideration is its pretty large database of channels and stations. But since many of the stations fail to load or take forever to start playing, this advantage gets to be rather unimportant too. In my opinion, this tool is disappointing. It might be free, but it also displays plenty of ads. Its biggest problem is the fact that there are plenty of other similar tools on the market, and many of these tools come with additional options, large databases and maybe no ads as well. If you have the time to keep searching for an online TV player, then my suggestion is to keep doing so. If you insist on choosing this tool as your online TV player, than my recommendation is to make sure you don’t need any advanced options and that ads don’t bother you.

Margie Smeer
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  • Decently large database of channels.
  • Free.
  • Can also play the broadcast of radio stations


  • Displays ads.
  • Lacks any advanced options.
  • Lacks any "help" file.
  • The interface cannot be customized
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